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Commercial & Industrial Drone Mapping & Surveying Services

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How Much do Industrial & Commercial Drone Services Cost?


That depends on the type of drone services you need Call us today to discuss you drone service needs for your project.

How are Commercial Drone services Performed?


For instance a cell tower inspection is completed using a quadra copter or similar UAV. For long distance survey usually it is completed with a fixed wing drone for longer flight times.

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Commercial & Industrial Drone Photo & Video Services

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Aerial Drone Mapping & Surveying

Aerial-mapping, photogrammetry and other UAV (drone) services can be used to deliver various forms of data output including: DTM models, 3D models / as built’s, contour surveys, thermal-imaging surveys, LIDAR surveys, environmental monitoring, stockpile surveys, pipeline surveys, railway track surveys, power line easement surveys, waste-water treatment plant surveys.

With some of the most experienced and skilled UAV operators in the industry, OnSite Aerial has achieved things that were previously deemed unrealistic or even impossible. We pride ourselves on being able to complete highly complex surveillance tasks and overcome unusual technical challenges by drawing on the skills of some of the field’s foremost experts, our professional-grade equipment and our specialist innovation centre.

OnSite Aerial is well equipped to provide professional-grade aerial surveys and photogrammetry services using state-of-the-art UAVs and camera technology. We use micro-drone multi-rotor UAV systems that allow us to choose the precise direction in which, and height and speed at which, we fly, thereby offering a more controlled and accurate aerial survey. This is particularly important when performing intricate and narrow surveys such as railway and pipeline projects, which require very precise flight lines and controlled parameters.

The micro-drone UAV system offers a number of other key benefits over fixed-wing UAVs:

* This type of multi-rotor UAV aircraft does not require large amounts of clear area for take-off and landing and is also much more resilliant to bad weather

* Loaded with a full-frame, professional, color camera, the drone can fly for over 30 minutes at a lower altitude with much less image overlap and therefore more efficient reporting – resulting in a faster, more precise and more efficient survey

OnSite Aerial offers conventional photogrammetry, hyperspectral cameras and multispectral cameras. 


OnSite Aerial is also able to provide a cost-effective way of producing frequent and highly repeatable surveys of the same area to produce an ongoing dataset for customers who have an ongoing-survey requirement.

Our UAV Drone systems can be easily transported anywhere in the world and operate on site with minimal impact and no plant downtime.

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Commercial And Industrial Drone Inspection Services

OnSite Aerial specializes in Aerial Drone inspection using drone technology to help assess tall or otherwise inaccessible assets and infrastructure, often circumventing the need for isolation or shutdowns. As well as their greater efficiency, the use of drones improves safety by avoiding working at heights to inspect these structures by traditional rope access or Elevated Work Platforms.

Carrying high-resolution zoom cameras, our drones hover within close range of of the assets, providing the best possible vantage point from any angle, capturing details such as serial numbers and the corrosion on individual bolts. Through our live video feed you can see what we are capturing in flight, and we can also review the imagery on a laptop after landing to ensure we have everything before leaving the site. These images then form an important archival record of the structure’s condition over time.

AUAV has considerable experience working on remote or industrial sites and has tailored safety management systems in place for these environments. We are confident in flying multi-rotor UAVs in difficult conditions, including magnetic field and RF interference, and work together with clients and other consultants to capture exactly the data they need.

* Mobile phone and radio tower inspection, including microwave line of sight determination

* Solar Panel and Roof Panel inspection

* Pipeline inspections

* Wind Turbine blade and tower inspections

* Dam wall condition monitoring

* Lighting pole maintenance inspections

* Power line and tower inspection

* Building facade and roof due diligence, dilapidation reports. Data for BIM systems

* Heritage structures for condition assessment or post-maintenance validation

* RGB color and thermal cameras, recording digital stills or v


Commercial & Industrial Drone Solar Services  

The US Solar industry is booming, . OnSite Aerial has considerable experience with the PV solar industry.

OnSite Aerial’s drones are a great fit to assist with solar development and maintenance, in areas such as:

* Cost-effective and accurate aerial survey of prospective and approved development sites

* Overlay 3D designs onto ~5cm accurate 3D site surveys, for virtual flyover visualizations or design validation

* Thermal inspection of PV assets, from small rooftop installations to 100MW+ solar farm sites

* Aerial mapping and inspection of existing large scale solar farms, for vegetation encroachment, cleaning assessment, etc. to facilitate more effective preventative maintenance

* Mid-construction monitoring and progress assessment, ensure the build is going exactly to plan

* Aerial photo and video for promotional purposes, from greenfield development flyovers to complete installations. We’re happy to include this basic work as a free service while we’re on site for mapping or inspection work

Even if you’re only at the early conception phase, please get in touch with some information about your site and we’d be happy to give you a quote or discuss our drone services for solar in more detail.



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Commercial & Industrial Drone Service Quotes

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